Individual therapy and supportive counseling

Individual Therapy pyramid Individuals present for therapy for a variety of reasons. Some individuals may wish to develop more satisfying interpersonal relationships (familial, marital, social), but are unsure of how to achieve this. They may also be experiencing a significant amount of difficulty in these relationships, and find they are feeling more isolated. Others may be experiencing depression, anxiety, or other difficulties that preclude their ability to fully engage in their lives. Still others may wish to achieve a certain goal or set of goals, but find they are unable to do so and cannot understand why.

It is my goal to help you understand the factors contributing to your current situation, define the goal(s) you wish to achieve, and to work with you to establish the steps to achieve the goals. You will find that I will be your strongest advocate and supporter throughout the process, and will also work with you to sustain the benefits you receive from your therapy experience.