About Dr. Christine Hall

Introduction and Background

Image of Dr. Christine Hall

I believe therapy is a collaborative process, with the therapist supporting you through the journey of self-discovery and growth. Individuals present for therapy for a variety of reasons, and often there is a common underlying reason – the need to overcome negative patterns/behaviors/thinking that leads to unhealthy relationships and lifestyle choices. I can help you gain greater understanding of why you are “stuck” where you are, and make the move forward. Once you gain understanding and take the steps to produce change and move forward, you will experience more satisfying and meaningful interpersonal relationships, which can lead to more positive emotional experiences and overall outlook. Change happens in small steps, and small steps make ripples and waves that impact the evolving person and greater life picture.

An essential component of a successful therapeutic experience is working with an empathic, skilled therapist in a safe, supportive, accepting environment where you feel comfortable sharing your experiences. It is my goal to provide that for you throughout your journey. I work with you to clarify your goals for therapy, develop and implement steps that will help you achieve your goals, gain insight and understanding to factors that inhibit change and facilitate growth, and maintain those changes to ensure continued positive experiences in everyday life.

I primarily utilize components of cognitive behavioral therapy, and incorporate a variety of techniques from different therapeutic approaches according to the presenting problem, goals, and client preferences to provide a more tailored therapeutic experience. Modalities that I typically choose include psychodynamic, insight-oriented, client directed, and reality therapy.

I am happy to talk with you by phone to obtain a basic understanding of your current needs and goals, and to help you determine whether or not my approach to therapy would be consistent with your needs and goals. I encourage potential clients to call and talk with several different therapists and psychologists before setting up an initial consultation. Again, one of the most important factors contributing to a successful therapeutic outcome is a strong therapeutic alliance between the therapist and the client.

Clinical Experience

I have worked with children, adolescents, adults, groups and couples in a variety of settings. I have worked with undergraduate and graduate students in a university counseling setting, children and parents in community counseling settings and private practice, children in a large county hospital oncology setting, children and adolescents in a children’s hospital mental rehabilitation unit, adolescents in juvenile detention and alternative school settings, and elder individuals in nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities. My wide range of experience has contributed to the development of a therapy style that can be tailored to the individual, and can provide greater benefit to you during the therapy process.

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