Antepartum and Postpartum Support for Depression and Anxiety

Baby lying in a fieldThere are many ways to describe the experience of having a baby, and each individual’s experience is different from another’s. At times, new mothers find themselves feeling overwhelmed, whether they are a first time mother or this is their 3rd child. New Mothers may also find themselves feeling sad, lacking the ability to bond with their baby and feel happiness and joy, and feeling withdrawn and isolated. They may also experience symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Typically, this can be classified as the Baby Blues, which lasts approximately two weeks after giving birth. However, symptoms lasting longer than two weeks may be an indication the New Mother is experiencing Postpartum Depression and/or Anxiety.

I work with new mothers experiencing these and other related difficulties pre-birth (peripartum) and post-birth (postpartum). I work to help you identify and implement helpful strategies that work for you to alleviate some of the difficulties and negative emotions you experience. I also help you identify and tap into appropriate resources that offer assistance. I can also work closely with your OB/GYN and pediatrician to help you effectively manage your symptoms with your permission and involvement. I look for ways to involve your spouse in a helpful, supportive manner that is most comfortable for you both. Sessions can be provided in my office or via SKYPE if needed.