Welcome. I believe therapy is a collaborative process, with the therapist supporting you through the journey of self-discovery and growth.

child therapy, adolescent therapy

Child & Adolescent Therapy

I work to provide children and adolescents an environment in which they can openly discuss their challenges and develop new coping strategies to address such difficulties as depression, anxiety, school issues, academic challenges. I work with parents to develop greater understanding of their children and adolescents, and implement new methods and approaches to support their family through difficult life changes and prepare for the future.

couples psychotherapy

Couples Therapy

In any relationship, you may encounter issues that contribute to a difference of opinion, ineffective communication patterns, stalemate, and loss of intimacy. I work with couples to help identify factors contributing to difficulties, identify negative communication and relational patterns, and help them work together to set and achieve goals that can lead to an improved, more intimate relationship.

fertility counseling and support

Fertility Counseling and Support

Difficulties encountered when attempting to conceive a child can be unexpected, leading to worry, confusion, sadness, anxiety, and added stress in the relationship. I offer supportive counseling which can assist individuals and couples in managing the ensuing emotions related to these difficulties, as well as assist in managing the medical choices they encounter.

Christine Hall, PsyD - Clinical Psychologist, Austin, Texas

Child, Adolescent, Individual Therapy and Fertility/Postpartum Counseling and Support

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